Thai Yoga Massage Diplomas: Dates for 2020

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Kissami - Thai Massage

Student Testimonials:

‘During this course I feel I have stepped into a whole new realm of therapy. I have 12 years of holistic therapies experience and worked with various massage techniques as well as Myofascial release technique. I am a qualified yoga therapist and in my opinion Thai Yoga massage covers everything I have learned in the past and more. It is the most effective body work treatment that I have come across so far in my training. It goes so deep and so enjoyable.

‘I feel that as a practicing Yoga teacher this course has increased my teaching skill and confidence. I certainly feel more comfortable with ‘hands on’ adjustments and have introduced much of what I have learned on this course into my yoga classes and workshops.’

‘As a massage therapist I have offered this treatment to most of my existing clients and all of them have continued to have this as their treatment of choice. From a personal perspective, this course has been a fabulous time for me – learning so well and feeling very confident to take this treatment to my clients. I am 100% happy to have achieved this qualification and will definitely study Thai Yoga Massage further.’……Lesley Wadforth, Hull

‘Before the course I had received two Thai Yoga Massages, so I had experienced some of the benefits of this great art, but didn’t know how to deliver it to others. Cosmo gave calm, clear and concise instruction throughout the Level 1 and 2 course, enabling me to develop a working knowledge of the Sen lines, acupressure points, reflexology and much more. He explained how they affected different parts of the body and mind. So not only did I learn how to deliver Thai Yoga Massage, but how to pin point certain areas for particular ailments’

The course has helped and enthused me to deliver massage to the autistic children I work with, giving me a better understanding of their sensory impairments and knowing what techniques to use to help them with stress and anxiety….Paul Cupit, Nottingham

‘My learning and development has been tremendous. At the outset of the course I had not intended becoming a practitioner. I had no experience with massage or yoga pair work. I originally enrolled for personal development to assist my yoga teaching, however after the first 2 days of learning I was convinced of the benefits of this art form and with encouragement as the course progressed I grew in confidence of my ability to practice’…….Natasha Halsall, Lincoln


Teaching standards and Attitude of Instructor: Teacher Evaluation

‘The standard of teaching has been very high in terms of clarity of instruction and demonstration. His caring, enthusiastic and humorous approach to teaching put us all at ease and created a special bond in the group. His great willingness to impart and share knowledge was inspiring’…..Natasha Halsall

‘Cosmo was able to pass on his knowledge in a way that was easy to understand and assimilate. His obvious passion for Thai Yoga Massage is infectious and makes the student eager to learn more. He plans his lessons very well. The structure and timing of the class can’t be faulted. He is a very patient teacher and always ensured that the whole group were happy with what we covered before moving on to the next point. I also think the training videos he provides are an excellent way to develop our learning’

‘He has a very relaxed approach and this works well with this therapy and helps to put everyone at ease. The whole group felt comfortable to ask questions, make suggestions and share a sense of humour. I would rate him as an ‘excellent’ teacher, with a professional and approachable attitude at all times. He was welcoming to all students, proficient at teaching and organised. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in learning about Thai Yoga Massage…..Lesley Wadforth, Hull

‘Cosmo’s extensive training and knowledge was so gratefully received. He was able to guide us through the level 1 and 2 curriculum demonstrating various techniques, adjustments and alterations that would have been unmanageable without his expertise. Before I knew about the course I was considering going toThailand or India to learn TYM and I am pleased I didn’t have to spend the time, money and deal with the complications that would have created for me. Cosmo made it possible for me to achieve the knowledge I was looking for in my own country, without having to leave my home for long periods of time or rearrange my life and working lifestyle. I know how rare this opportunity is in the UK and again am just so grateful to have discovered Cosmo and his course. His passion for TYM is inspiring. His integrity shines through in his teaching. He is dedicated and enthusiastic about TYM and that drives me to continue with my own practice and commitment. He has not only become a great TYM teacher and mentor to me, but also a good friend whom I have enjoyed spending time with’……Paul Cupit, Nottingham


Did the course structure satisfy your learning needs and development

‘Yes it has, in the space of less than a year I have progressed from complete novice to practicing from a physiotherapy clinic as well as from a therapy room at home….His training videos for each class continue to teach me everytime I watch them, so his teaching continues and stays with me after the course and I continue to grow’……Natasha Halsall, lincoln

‘Both the course and the content of the course exceeded my expectations. All my learning needs were satisfied and I learnt far more than I expected .The venue was perfect and the class size of 8 allowed us to work comfortably with one another. On this course I am more than satisfied and feel it was definately value for money and a useful investment for my career. I cant suggest any changes as everything went so well……Lesley Wadforth, Hull

‘The course was fantastic. I met some amazing people and made new friends. Being spread over one day a month really did help me find the time to study and practice between each session and really grasp the techniques. Plus the training youtube videos he provides for each of the workshops were a total godsend. I don’t even feel like I am simply left alone now at the end of this course, as Cosmo is very approachable and happy to help and fuel my enthusiasm and encourage me to keep in touch with course mates to keep up my practice’…..Paul Cupit, Nottingham