Timetable -Thai Massage, Yoga & Surfing Retreat

Thai Massage, Yoga & Surfing Retreat

Morocco, March 16th – 23rd, 2019


   Student Arrivals – March 16th                                                   
   7.45am – 9am    10am – 1pm    2.30pm – 5.30pm
  Yoga & Introduction   Dynamic Massage 1 (legs)   Dynamic Massage 2 (legs)
  Yoga – Earth   Surfing or (Free Time)   Massage (Stomach)
  Yoga – Water   Surfing or (Free Time)   Practice – Lower Body
  Yoga – Fire   Surfing or (Free Time)   Dynamic Massage – Torso
  Yoga – Air   Massage Head /Shoulders   Practice – Upper Body
  Yoga – Space   Surfing or (free Time)   Practice Full Body
  Student Departure – March 23rd

Breakfast Times:  9am – 9.45am

Dinner Times:  1pm – 2.30pm

Evening Meal:  7.30pm

On the 16th March there will be an evening Yoga class to help people land and unite at 7.30pm. There will also be an morning Yoga class on the 20th before we get the mini bus to the airport 

On most evenings there will be opportunity for some downtime with gentle yoga and meditation classes for those who want it.