Short Intro about myself



My name is Julian Cosmo Kemp. I have been a self employed Holistic Therapist since 1999 and my particular area of interest is teaching Thai Yoga Massage.

I first qualified and practised as a hypnotherapist in 1999 and then later in Aromatherapy and Reiki healing. Seeing things in terms of energy and combining treatments, here began my whole approach to mind body healing and my deepening sensitivity to the inter-relationship between them.

In my experience the physical body is a door to the person inside. It carries our present and the history of our past in its living tissues, especially the fascia, and even the future in terms of the stress it can have through our imagination of it…Yoga massage is a journey into the self and its an enjoyable one but yes it does require honesty and the will to overcome the fear which binds us to the stagnancy we wish to escape from, because it will come in the form of emotional and energetic release as the fascia unwinds its history and the shock, trauma and damage causing it to contract and pull the musclar skeletal system out of alignment. Thai Yoga Massage is a science, an amazing body artform and spiritual path without any complications.

I started giving basic massage to complement and prepare for the psychotherapeutic aspect of hypnotherapy and was achieving far better results than previously as separate disciplines. Over the next 6 years I worked with this combination mainly from my own shop and carried on my love for learning and developing through the Holistic healing arts. I obtained a BSc degree in Complementary Medicine and qualified in other body massage techniques, including Reflexology, Chinese Acupressure and studied Ayurvedic and Indian Head Massage in Kerala, South India.

In 2008 I qualified as a Hatha Yoga teacher with the British Wheel of Yoga and have been teaching privately for the last 8 years. I first started teaching with Adult Education, various secondary schools and I also started working with professional footballers at Middlesbrough football club. During my training here I began to develop an interest in Thai Yoga Massage, because it was so effective in working with athletes and the techniques also allowed me to incorporate all my years of training in massage with my passion for Yoga.

To further develop this interest I travelled to Thailand in 2009, to study full time at the International Training Massage School (ITM) in Chiang Mai and qualified as an Advanced Practitioner. 6 months later I returned to ITM and completed a 3 month Teacher Training Programme, which now qualifies me to teach others to a professional standard. In 2011/12, I went back to Thailand yet again for another 3 months and studied at the wonderful Sunshine School in Chiang Mai, going even deeper into the therapeutic aspect of Thai Yoga Massage. Since then I have been returning to Thailand every winter to improve my skills and expand into related areas such as Dynamic Thai Massage, Osteo-Thai and Chi Nei Tsang. After spending over a year of study time in Thailand with great teachers, I now feel that I am able to teach Thai Yoga Massage from a beginners to advanced levels and also to students who aspire to become teachers.

After completing yoga teacher training and various retreats I had grown as a person and my approach to life and its goal became clearer. Looking at how my own life had changed it dawned upon me that it takes time to change as a person and usually consistent effort. It requires a structure and path with real vision and a goal, so that all aspects of our life can be brought together and unified by the same spiritual drive. So I began to focus and organize my own life and then my courses which now provide people with the chance to walk along side like minded individuals and learn the ancient healing arts and also the deeper spiritual vision imbued within them.

I have found that my training in Hatha Yoga with its science of energy and breathing techniques have also changed the way I give and teach Thai Yoga massage. In general and unless doing dynamic work, I tend to slow it down and practice in the same way I practice and teach Yoga. Although we are all different and have many different skills to share, I feel there is one common thing we need when giving treatment and that is an open heart of loving kindness, a prescence of mind which is stable and connected to the person and to the touch. So even when using the most basic of thai massage routines, in that moment you will be a channel and touch them deeply and perhaps facilitate a healing process they have been waiting a long long time to undergo.

In giving treatments over the years and learning how to use my energy and to work with others energy, I realise the importance of achieving a place of stillness and harmony within myself before treating others. In the courses I teach we begin each session with Yoga and Meditation to still and balance our energy and also to reconnect on a conscious level with our true nature of being a loving and peaceful soul. Working from this higher state of awareness Thai Yoga Massage becomes more powerful and enjoyable for both parties. I feel that just as it has been for me, it can also become your gift that enables you to explore, to share, to connect with another person and also to yourself. Steeped in oriental history and medicine, Thai Yoga Massage has provided me with such a rich and unique path along the healing arts that I would like to share.