Cosmo School of Thai Yoga Massage

cosmoOn this page, I discuss my intentions for my work and for creating the progressive Diplomas at the Cosmo school of Thai Yoga Massage.

Over all I wish to create a learning platform that uses Meditation, Yoga and Thai Yoga Massage to bring people together and create a healing space in which students can thoroughly enjoy learning Thai Yoga Massage as an art form.

For me the goal of life is Yoga and I see this as the gradual process of becoming happier and more conscious day by day. The positive changes that have taken place within me have mainly been brought about through following the path of Yoga, which has given me the practical tools to understand myself, to find peace wirh myself and to heal my body and mind.

For a reason I can only partly know at this moment, I have been given a life and I am a conscious human being living in this amazing world. I look around me at the workings of the planet and the cycles in nature and Im humbled with the awesomeness of it all. I partake in its beauty and enjoy the loving connections binding me with others. I know I am part of something divine and every day I am changing and growing for the better and the more it happens the more amazing it all seems and yet the more grounded and relaxed I am with it all. All I know is that I am gradually drawing closer to a power and beauty that I can only partly describe. Perhaps I can say, its like I am a child and the divine power of this universe is guiding me, caring for all my needs, drawing my closer to itself, drawing me closer to myself and no matter wether things appear to be going my way or not I see it all as part of the whole and with meaning.

My trust is growing and I am being led by the same power which keeps the world turning. For me this is Yoga, a path which helps to develop the relationship between what some call as God and the Individual person. I see this as reality and evolution and now I have woken up to the underlying purpose of my existence my life path has become clearer.

I have always been searching, driven by an instinct that was moving me and looking for something. Basically I was looking to find myself in stillness, the stillness that comes with waking up into the present moment, fully aware of myself as a spiritual being and part of an incredible living universe. My path is to stabilize this connection and teach others who are receptive how to develop and maintain it. It is a trusting and loving state of communion with the conscious life force, living and breathing as me and in all things as one. I believe it is this connection, this living faith which can liberate and free us from suffering and inner restlessness. I appreciate my transitory needs but I see this unity as the foundation of all of them and the one thing that is always constant.

The search has taken me on a journey of self discovery all over the world, into the armed forces, into film school, into psychiatric nursing, into Buddhism, Taoism, Holistic therapies, Yoga, Meditation and Thai Yoga massage, and it will continue to change and evolve in ways I am yet to discover. But the platform through which I can most easily share with others is the vehicle of Thai Massage, Yoga and Meditation and so I have created a personal development programme called the ‘Cosmo School of Thai Yoga Massage’ which provides students with a step by step learning opportunity into wholeness and greater self realisation…I can only teach the path I have walked

In my courses so far I can see that people are looking primarily to connect with themselves through their bodies, to connect to others through touch, learning and sharing. On a proffessional basis yoga teachers want to expand their knowledge and learn great techniques to bring into their classes and create more opportunities to bring people together. Body workers are looking to enjoy their work more, to become better at what they do and bring greater pleasure and health to their friends and clients. Beyond this I think we are all looking fundamentally for the same thing. We are looking to wake up in love with life, in a deep and loving trusting relationship to the divinity within everything and each other. This is the fundamental basis of my school and the courses are the stepping stones to get there. Its subtle and I dont force it…..I dont even try but it seems to transform the lives of others in a very positive way.