Dynamic Thai Yoga Massage

P1150911 (2)This Dynamic Thai Yoga Massage course is a unique fusion between the East and the West; between the energetic and intuitive approach of Thai Yoga Massage with the gentle and holistic awareness of Osteopathy. The course was mainly inspired by my training in Osteo-Thai and Dynamic Thai Massage at Sunshine school in Thailand.

Dynamic Thai Yoga Massage concentrates on using constant motion and rhythm to create space and greater fluidity of movement throughout the body. It can be applied like a playful dynamic dance or gentle meditation with the most subtle micro movements working into the watery world of the living fascia.

  • This course is ideal for yoga enthusiasts and body workers who want to have a good time and learn very simple but effective ways of massaging and moving the body
  • Its good for those who are working with people under continual stress and looking to provide more effective ways of helping them to release the pain and stiffness trapped in their joints and muscles
  • The course will deepen your understanding of mind body releationships and where and why particular aspects of our emotional life are stored within our body.
  • The structure of the course is broken down into smaller blocks and sequences that make it much easier to assimilate into your existing routines in body work
  • The course teacges the priciples of Yoga and their application in giving massage and Erin my assistant will also teach therapuetic acro-yoga for the hips, spine and shoulders that can be included within a masage flow.
  • During the retreat there is the option for 2 Surfing lessons from Instructors or you can choose to sunbathe on the beach
  • The course price includes the diploma, the accomodation and 3 meals a day (see below)

Dynamic Thai Massage is often referred to as the Samba dance of Thai Yoga Massage and therefore will provide a positive challenge to the body worker learning to work with rhythm and the balance, co-ordination and breathing to maintain it. I personally really enjoy this unique approach within Thai Yoga Massage and have found it like a form of moving meditation which brings delight and an almost sense of awe to the receiver.

It brings about a great feeling of connection because the dynamic enables us to enter into a resonance with our clients natural body rhythms and elasticity, allowing us to really feel their resistances and to gently rock them out. I find it very useful when working on nervous disorders and anxious clients because the constancy of rhythmic movements quite naturally induce a state of deep relaxation and well-being for my clients.  I also find that Dynamic Thai Massage provides a very effective complement to the slower and more static work of Traditional Thai Yoga Massage or other body work disciplines .

Everybody is welcome to apply but the Accredited Diploma will only be awarded to those with an existing Thai Yoga Massage qualification and those without this previous training will receive a certificate of attendance.

For more information on course content – email me on cosmokemp2@hotmail.co.uk

For information on the retreat and flights – email Ella on – ella@clisurfmorocco.com

The facebook event –  https://www.facebook.com/events/549849258542596/

The next Dynamic Thai Massage course I am teaching will be a 7 day residential retreat at Cli Surf House, Taghazout Bay, situated on the beautiful coast of Morocco between April 15th – 22nd, 2017.

Timetable of Events

If you would like to preview a small part of what I will be teaching on this course, here is a video clip below. I am performing a 7 minute Dynamic Thai Yoga Massage, which is part of the sequence for ‘Legs, Hips & Lower Back’ – It is set by the waterfalls in Mae Rim, Thailand. Enjoy (but turn your sound down)

Instructors for the Retreat:   Julian Cosmo Kemp & Erin Rose:

VenueCli Surf House Retreat, Taghazout Bay, Morocco
April 15th – 22nd, 2017
Cost: £630
£100 Deposit then 2 payments of £265

Payment plan – Deposits to be paid by February 27th                                                                     Then 2 further paymengts of £265 on and then a further 2 payments on March 10th and then April 10th.

To secure your place, pay your £100 deposit by clicking once on the Paypal button below:

Please wait until Feb 28th before booking your flights though, as this is when a decison is made whether there are enough people to run a course. If cancellation should happen all deposits will be repaid to you immediately.