Foundation of Thai Yoga Massage

Montenegro 8th – 18th August 2018

The Beginners Diploma provides students with the foundation of Thai Yoga Massage. It is the starting point for anyone who wishes to practice as a professional therapist in this art form. The course is 10 workshops in duration and will provides you with the following.

  • Good ability to give Thai Massage in a variety of ways including Supine, Prone, Side and Sitting Positions
  • How to apply Thai Massage with your Thumbs, Hands, Forearms, Elbows, Knees and Feet.
  • How to work confidently with the 10 Sen lines of Thai Yoga Massage
  • Deep understanding of the History, Yoga Philosophy and Practice of Thai Yoga Massage
  • Provide you with a personal yoga and meditation practice to complement your massage, prepare you to give massage and prevent injury to yourself
  • Brochure of course postures and explanations

The Diploma is open to everyone but most suited to those who have an interest in Yoga and Massage. Once you have made your decision to do the course the deposit will be $200 or the equivalent in your currency. Contact me for payment

Additional Benefits to this course

  • Watch online videos for each workshop sequence, to assist learning and practice between sessions
  • Completing the Foundation Diploma allows immediate progression to the level 3 Advanced Diploma to be held on the sea front Yoga retreat in Morroco April 13-20th
  • This qualification is accredited by the leading Uk and International insurance company FHT, The Federation of Holistic Therapists

Costs Involved

Diploma Course:   £550
Villa Accommodation:  £105 in total for whole duration of course plus day either side 7th – 19th
Flights to Montenegro (Tivat or Podgorica airport) ?

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Here are some photos of the Montenegro retreat