Thai Yoga Massage courses

Intermediate & Advanced Diplomas in Thai Yoga Massage

This page provides a summary of the Thai Yoga Massage courses available at the Cosmo School of Thai Yoga Massage.

Beginners Foundation: Level 1 & 2

The Level 1 & 2 diploma is the beginners course that each student must take if they wish to progress onto the higher more advanced diplomas. It provides a solid foundation and introduction to a Northern style, Nuad Bo Rarn, Thai Yoga Massage. The curriculum provides approximately 120 postures over 11 day workshops and teaches you how to apply them to the body in Supine posture, Side position, Prone & Seated position. You will learn about the transitions between each posture to get flow in movement and you will gain a deeper sensitivity through touch in working with your clients natural resistance points…..The Course when taught in Newcastle also includes a 4 day module of Advanced Anatomy & Kinesiology.

The level 1 & 2 course teaches the foundation of practice, of mindfulness, correct breathing and therapeutic application of Thai Yoga massage. It is an FHT accredited and ITM accredited Diploma offers both a Uk and internationally recognized certificate. In completing this course you will be able to give a 1.5hr and 2hr Thai Yoga Massage.

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Advanced Diploma: ‘Using the Feet’ level 3

The level 3 Advanced Diploma ‘Using the Feet in Thai Yoga Massage’ is an FHT accredited qualification. It is the natural stepping stone upwards from the Intermediate level 1 & 2 Foundation Diploma, in providing an advanced level of understanding and application of Thai Yoga Massage. Alongside the Advanced techniques and disciplines there is a deepening awareness of functional anatomy in applying therapeutic postures. Entry to the level 3 Diploma requires that you have done the level 1& 2 Diploma, or have a recognised qualification in Thai Yoga Massage

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Advanced Diploma ‘Dynamic Thai Massage’ level 3

Dynamic Thai Massage is often referred to as the Samba dance of Thai Yoga Massage and therefore will provide a positive challenge to the body worker learning to work with Rhythm and the balance, co-ordination and correct breathing to maintain it. I really enjoy this unique art form and have found it like a form of moving meditation which brings delight and an almost sense of awe to the receiver. The amazing techniques of dynamic Thai massage will enable you to enter into resonance with your client’s natural body rhythms and to really feel their resistances and gently rock them out . They also provide a very effective complement and counter balancing effect to the precise static work of Nuad Bo Rarn in level 1&2.

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Advanced Diploma ‘Osteopathy in Thai Yoga Massage’ level 4

This main part of the programme combines the great art of Thai Yoga Massage with the precise and gentle touch of Osteopathy. The physical goal of this approach is to improve joint mobility and to restore vitality and ease of movement throughout the whole body. Here the techniques of Thai Yoga Massage are used as a vehicle to teach the Principles involved, the Anatomy involved and correcting imbalances in the bodies muscular/skeletal systems and myo-fascial trains. This module will build on the morning Yoga Anatomy class to explore the Osteopathic principles involved when applying Thai Yoga massage with specific focus on Dynamic techniques, Reciprocal tension, Compaction, De-compaction.

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