Foundation of Thai Massage

Om Waters - Dynamic Twists

The Beginners Diploma level 1&2 is the foundation of Thai Yoga Massage. It is the starting point for all therapists and provides an internationally recognised qualification on successful completion. The course is 10 workshops in duration and will provide you with the following.

  • How to give Thai Massage in a variety of ways including Supine, Prone, Side and Sitting Positions
  • How to apply Yoga stretches, Acupressure and Compression techniques with your Thumbs, Hands, Forearms, Elbows, Knees and Feet.
  • How to work confidently with the 10 Sen lines of Thai Yoga Massage
  • Deep understanding of the History, Yoga Philosophy and Practice of Thai Yoga Massage
  • Provide you with a personal yoga and meditation practice to complement your practice, prepare you to give Thai massage and prevent injury

The Diploma is open to everyone but most suited to those who have an interest in Yoga and Massage. It is possible to miss workshops due to prior arrangements or illness but they will need to be caught up with me in a one to one session to obtain qualification.


Additional Benefits to this course

The Diploma provides online video for the workshop sequences, to assist learning and practice between sessions

Completing this level 1&2 Diploma allows immediate progression to the more Advanced diplomas

High quality Thai Yoga mats are provided for practice

This qualification is accredited by the leading UK insurance company FHT, and is also insurable in most European countries (but please check with your own insurance company)

 Cost:  £900


Private Diploma courses: One to One 

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