Beginners Diploma in Thai Yoga Massage Level 1 & 2

Om Waters - Dynamic TwistsThe Beginners Diploma level 1&2 is the foundation of Thai Yoga Massage. It is the starting point for all therapists and provides an internationally recognised qualification on successful completion. The course is 10/11 workshops in duration and will teach you.

  • How to give full body Thai Yoga Massage in a variety of ways including Supine, Prone, Side and Sitting Positions
  • How to apply Yoga stretches, Acupressure and Compression techniques with your Thumbs, Hands, Forearms, Elbows, Knees and Feet.
  • How to work confidently with the 10 Sen lines of Thai Yoga Massage
  • Understanding of the History, Yoga Philosophy and Practice of Thai Yoga Massage

The next course I am teaching is with Yoga teacher Chris Jackson in Newcastle, England at his studio Yoga Therapies starting in July 2017. I feel that we have successfully brought together two complementray systems in this new diploma to improve the general foundation course of Thai Yoga Massage and the way it is commonly taught.

Chris presently teaches a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training diploma at his studio and is well known throughout the Uk for his compassion and skill. Having worked with Chris previously I was encouraged to approach him with this new format for teaching this Beginners level 1&2 diploma and the following level 3 Advanced Therapeutic Diploma.

Very few schools can offer the addition of an Accredited Advanced Diploma to its Beginners Diploma and not only have we achieved this, but we now also provide students with the opportunity to join the level 3 Advanced Diploma 7 weeks after completing the Beginners level 1&2 Diploma. This gives those students who are really interested in the art of Thai Yoga Massage a chance to practice and develop between both couress and also to go one step further and become an Advanced practitioner.

The Advanced course with Chris is Advanced Therapeutics level 3 and the Advanced course I teach on my own is Advanced Dynamic level 3. The main difference being that I teach a Yoga and Thai Massage programme that concentrates on Dynamic massage and we begin to enter into body psychotherapy working with trauma. The course with Chris in Newcastle is longer and goes deeper into Anatomy and the specific practices of Yoga Asana and Pranayama.

The Beginners course and Advanced courses I teach with Chris begin with a 2hr Yoga class with an intention of really teaching the Principles, Practices and Anatomy of Yoga relevant to the 4/5hr workshop in Thai Yoga Massage that follows it. We used this combination last year in teaching the Therapeutic diploma and it worked so well we decided to include it in the level 1&2 course also

The morning Yoga class helps students to either start or further develop their own Yoga practice with a deeper understanding and the Functional Anatomy element is a very creative aproach of helping them to strengthen, explore and understand their bodies in a way that really supports the Thai Yoga Massage. A very good practitioner will also have a regular Yoga, Qi Gong or Tai Chi practice and we provide that vehicle for self motivated therapists at a high yet accessible standard.

The Diploma has been split into two modules and people are welcome to do just one of them but the accredited qualification can only be awarded to those who complete both modules. They start on:

Level 1 – Supine Position – July 3rd-7th                                                                                             Level 2 – Side, Prone, Sitting – August 1st-5th

The Diploma is open to everyone but most suited to those who have an interest in Yoga and Massage. It is possible to miss workshops due to prior arrangements or illness but they will need to be caught up with me or Chris in a one to one session to obtain qualification.

Additional benefits to the Level 1 & 2 Diploma course

  • You will have 2 Yoga teachers who are very highly trained in their chosen fields
  • The Diploma provides online video for the workshop sequences, to assist learning and practice between sessions
  • Completing this level 1&2 Diploma allows immediate progression to the more Advanced diplomas
  • High quality Thai Yoga mats are provided for practice
  • This qualification is accredited by the leading UK insurance company FHT, and is also insurable in most European countries (but please check with your own insurance company)
  • We teach morning Yoga and Meditation as a path to peace and greater self awareness and connection

Venue:  Yoga Therapies Studio, Newcastle, NE6 5DE

Dates:   Level 1: July 3rd – 7th                                                                                                                       Level 2: July 31st – August 4th

Cost:    Modules are £500 each


Private Diploma courses: One to One 

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