level 4


Osteo-Thai Massage – Level 4:                                                         

Osteopathic Principles & Practice in Thai Yoga Massage and Introduction to Cranial Sacral Therapy

Teachers: Julian Cosmo Kemp & Jambo Truong 

Hello everyone. In this newsletter I explain about the new level 4 Diploma course that myself and Jambo are creating and preparing to start teaching in June 2015. It combines my training in Thai Yoga Massage with the Osteopath David Lutt (www.lulyani.com) and Jambo’s extensive knowledge of Yoga, Anatomy and Oriental medicine

Below is an explanation of the modules involved, a breakdown of activities for each weekend and the chance to book your place and deposit through paypal.


Yoga Anatomy module: 
We start the day with Yoga Anatomy, which is a 1hr Yoga class focussing on areas of the body to be worked throughout the day. The Yoga class will highlight the key muscle groups involved within a particular Asana, what their function is and how to work with the agonist and antagonists for stability. The approach here will be to help each student come to a greater understanding of their body in Yoga asana and being able to transfer this knowledge into their own yoga, massage and teaching practices. On occasion there will also be an introduction to the day with Shamanistic ceremony and chanting.

Osteo-Thai combines the great art of Thai Yoga Massage with the precise and gentle touch of Osteopathy. The physical goal of this approach will be to assist joint mobility and to restore vitality and ease of movement throughout the body. Based on anatomy, physiology and touch, the techniques of Osteo-Thai are used as a vehicle to teach the Principles involved and correcting imbalances in the structures of the bodies, muscular/skeletal system and myo-fascial trains. Building on the morning Yoga anatomy class we will now explore Osteopathic principles when applying Osteo-Thai Yoga massage, with specific focus on Dynamic techniques, Reciprocal tension, Compaction, De-compaction and the interdependence of joints, muscles and fascia. You will learn a 2hr Osteo-Thai routine.

Anatomy: This module will focus on the anatomical detail involved in the Osteo-Thai posture work. Students will practice the muscle testing techniques of Kinesiology to isolate the trouble maker muscles involved with functional movement and learn advanced methods to correct them. We will ascertain the function of each key muscle involved, their origins and insertions and how to apply acupressure to release chronic conditions.

Cranial-Sacral Therapy
Cranial therapy seeks to restore the natural rhythmic movements found between the bones of the skull, the nervous system and the membranes that line the brain, spinal cord and sacrum, thus helping the circulation of the cerebrospinal fluid throughout the central nervous system and removing many complex symptoms which can affect our health and peace of mind….In this module you will learn how to give a general 1hr Cranial Sacral Therapy treatment with the inclusion of advanced trigger point techniques to release tension in the Jaw, Atlas and Sacrum. We will also be looking at the relationship of the Fascia, Breathing and the body’s muscular/skeletal alignment.


Workshop 1 – Osteo-Thai Body Alignment sequence
Yoga: Shamanism & Ceremony
Osteo-Thai: Learning the General Osteopathic Treatment and Assessment Protocol for first time clients
Anatomy: Kinesiology based on the Osteo-Thai session

Workshop 2 – Osteo-Thai
Yoga Anatomy
Osteo-Thai: Integrating the Ankles, Knees and Hips using Harmonics
Anatomy: Ankle, Knee & Hip functionality. Relationships to back pain

Workshop 3 – Osteo-Thai
Yoga: Taoist Internal Organ Yoga
Osteo-Thai: Global reorganisation of the Hara and Stomach Fascia: Hara Detox.
Releasing tension from Internal Organs, Integrating Fascia and Organ work to the Pelvis.
Anatomy: TCM; Organs and Emotions

Workshop 4 – Osteo-Thai
Yoga: Yoga Anatomy
Osteo-Thai: The Sacrum and Sacro-Illiac Joint Function:
Applying gentle Harmonics and Dynamic Thai Yoga massage to release the Sacrum, Si Joint and lumber Spine.
Anatomy: Pelvis, Si Joint, Sacrum and relationship to upper and lower body

Workshops 5 & 6 – Osteo-Thai
Yoga: Yoga Anatomy, Kapalbhati & Bhastrika: Liver and Lung Cleansing
Osteo-Thai: Releasing the Diaphragm and Upper abdominal Organs: Dynamic Thai Yoga techniques to release the rib cage and shoulders to improve breathing..Student Practice; consolidation and evaluation.
Anatomy: Breathing; Anatomy of the Diaphragm and Rib Cage

Workshop 7 & 8 – Osteo-Thai
Yoga: Yoga Anatomy
Osteo-Thai: The Spine
Advanced methods of releasing the Glutes, Piriformis, Lumber, Quadratus Lumborum and Rhomboid muscles along the Spine, using Dynamic, Compaction, De-compaction, Pumping, Recoil and stretching techniques
Anatomy: Spinal Function & Movement: Advanced techniques of working trigger points along the spine, including the use of needling, cupping and moxibustion

Workshop 9 & 10 – Osteo-Thai
Yoga: Breathing Yoga
Osteo-Thai: Cranial Sacral Therapy:
The Cranium and the Art of listening and Palpation – Sensing the flow of cerebral spinal fluid throughout the spine and nervous system – Unlocking the cervical vertebrae – Sacrum Mobilization, lumbar-sacral compression & decompression – Fascia the Diaphragms; developing an appreciation of the total body fascial system and its transverse diaphragms:
Anatomy: Advanced Techniques; Temporo-Mandibular Joint stress pain release and tension cycle (feedback loop)

Workshop 11 & 12 – Student Assessment
Yoga: 2hr Yoga Anatomy Class, Saturday & Sunday morning
Osteo-Thai– Saturday – Students will perform a 2hr Osteo-Thai treatment on each other.
Cranial Therapy – Sunday – Students perform a 1hr Cranial Sacral Therapy treatment

Venue: The Jasmine Trust, Retford, Notts, DN22 8EW – (www.jasminetrust.co.uk)
Dates:  June 6/7, July 4/5, Aug 1/2, Sept 5/6, Oct 17/18, Nov 14/15
Timing: 9.30am – 5.30pm
Cost: £1100
Booking: £300 Deposit: