The Developmental Cycle of Chakras

Yoga is a natural science which understands the laws of space and time, the orbital movements in the heavens and the seasonal cycles on Earth, are the very same laws and cycles of movement within our very being and also within every thing else. All things are part of the same body, the same mind and the same self governing laws and interconnected whole.

In the Heavenly forces of lightness and dark yogis saw that all things are moving within a cycle of change from one state to its opposite and then back again continuously. On Earth they observed the continuous cyclic seasons of change (spring, summer, autumn, winter) within themselves as birth, growth, decay and death and just as the cycle continues in the world of nature they inferred that the cycle would continue in them to.  Every ending or death is seen as the necessary phase to a new beginning without end. So there is no real ending or beginning for the higher self just continual change from one state to its opposite and back again and again.

In Yoga philosophy only the eternity of something made its existence possible in the first place. For every birth and every death or every cause and each effect is born out of each other. Every beginning must arise from something and every ending must be the cause of a new beginning. From our breathing cycle to the big bang the yogi saw the cosmos within our being and never forgot the eternity within each moment and therefore did not suffer.

Chakra yoga states that human evolution follows a cyclic pattern of movement for a certain time duration, before evolving into a new cycle of development. Each of the cycles are governed by the energies of a particular chakra more than the others and thereby imbuing us with different qualities and presenting us with different challenges and life lessons to absorb. Every cycle is initiated by the opening of a chakra which then facilitates a definite shift in our awareness, our point of view and provides us with different drives and qualities of character.

These cycles are ever present and are both minute and massive. On a larger scale they identified that human development followed seven year cycles throughout life, but within these larger frameworks were smaller cycles within each day, within each week, month and year. In Yoga 3 of these cycles are considered most important for human growth and development, starting with the pregnancy cycle, then a small yearly cycle for seven years, and a large seven year cycle for forty nine years.

Although a seven year period of our life is governed by a particular chakra, there is also a smaller yearly cycle running within it. So even though for example from birth to age seven Mooladhara chakra is the primal energy in development, for every year within that cycle there is a sub influence provided by another chakra and shaping its development and growth pattern. For example in the table below you can see that at age 36, the large life cycle is Ajna at the brow, but on the left you can see that it also corresponds to the root chakra mooladhara in the yearly cycle. So the main influence is Ajna chakra but that particular year within the seven year cycle gets a particular boost from the Mooladhara energy and qualities. At age 37 that sub-influence would come from the sacral chakra but still remain under the main Ajna seven year cycle.

Wisdom of the life cycles can guide us along the path of life and help to improve understanding of ourselves. They help us define our life experiences in context, what we have been through and are destined to, and to know our needs at a particular moment in time.


 1-7             root  8-14      sacral  15-21      solar  22-28      heart  29-35     throat  36-42      brow  43-49       crown
  Root       1         8         15         22        29        36         43
  sacral       2         9         16         23        30        37         44
  solar       3        10         17         24        31        38         45
  heart       4        11         18         25         32        39         46
  throat       5        12         19         26         33        40         47
  brow       6        13         20         27         34         41          48
  crown       7        14         21         28         35         42           49


The other important phase of development which they did pay special attention to was the pregnancy cycle and mothers were nurtured and cared for throughout pregnancy. Pregnant women were literally revered and made to feel loved and valued because they understood that the child was absorbing the most subtle inner consciousness from the mother and would be strongly influenced by her moods and the inner beliefs she carried. The prenatal period lays a child’s energetic foundation, the first seven years of life builds upon this foundation and patterns become engrained. At seven yrs old the individual personality is formed which again belongs to a chakra type, and the great development cycle of 49 years takes over.