Connection, Communication & Intimacy

In the stress of modern life many people feel a need to improve their sense of connection, communication and intimacy with their partner or just to the people around them in general. Even though we may love our partner very much, or want to find someone to love and be loved by, sometimes the pressures of life seem to get in the way.

This course in Thai massage and elements of yoga and meditation is a very enjoyable weekend for anyone who wishes to make some space in their life to enjoy sharing, communicating and massage without any distraction and under the guidence of an expert teacher.

You will enjoy feeling calmer, more balanced and peaceful through the guided practice of yoga and meditation. You will enjoy feeling closer and happier through the practice of sharing, touching and listening to each other. You will also become more talented in being able to give massage and pleasure to your partner (or friend) as you learn a 1hr massage sequence designed especially for couples, lovers and for single people looking to connect and enjoy being valued and part of something special.

Cosmo and Anna would enjoy sharing these gifts with you, helping to bring increased pleasure, love and shared understanding between you and the one you love.

If you are single you can bring a friend or we will ensure you have a partner to practice with. If your partner is not quite willing at this moment in time to join or is working away, then you can also bring a friend instead and practice together and this too will bring improvements to your relationship

10am – 5.30pm both days

Odessa, Kiev, Moscow – $100 each person

We also teach privately for couples who want to improve their relationship

Contact us for dates on group workshops

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