Workshops: Yoga & Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Yoga Massage for Pregnancy & Labour:   June 24th & 25th – 2017

Instructors:  Anna Gedre 

On this weekend workshop I will be assisting Anna (in the photo) to teach Pregnancy and Labour In London.

The 2 day workshop will provide you with a certificate, a brochure of the sequence and a 45 minute pregnancy massage routine in side position that you can incorporate this into your existing practice to improve your performance as a doula or therapist to give help and support in a very pleasurable way.

This workshop demonstrates Pregnancy massage from the tradition of Thai Yoga Massage and focusses on the physical needs for comfort during labour and also of the back pain, joint stiffness and the stresses associated with the physical, emotional and hormonal changes that can be experienced during pregnancy.

We will mainly be working in side position for pregnancy but Anna will also be showing ways to help during the labour process itself when a woman is in reclined supine and on all fours

Working in side position with props and support is a very nurturing experience for the mother. It takes the weight of joints, removes the strain from the lower back, and realigns the shoulders and muscular skeletal system. Working from the side position allows the expectant mother to turn inwards and feel totally supported, protected and cared for and the sequence can also incorporate what you already do to provide a very unique and healing experience.

Anna Gedre will also provide some very useful tips on pregnancy including sexuality in pregnancy, contra-indications and coping with the hidden pressure and expectations that a woman can feel as she enters this sacred journey of child birth.

This side position massage routine goes beyond the scope of pregnancy and can also be used for people with chronic back pain, for assisting people in an emotional state and for helping those who have difficulty connecting with themselves in general.

Each day will begin at 10am with some valuable breathing techniques to set our intention and become fully present, then we will practice the art of massage for doulas and related therapists until approx. 5.30pm both days.

Location: Colliers wood – South West London

Price: £240