Advanced Thai Yoga Massage – Body Alignment

This day workshop teaches an amazing full body treatment in 20 minutes. It was originally meant as a way of assessing the body and aligning the body before a full Thai Yoga Massage and came from the advanced stretches course at sunshine school inThailand. It can be used as a short body treatment in itself or as part of a 2hr treatment. It truly is one of my favourites and includes some very unique postures.

The sequence includes a short body assessment which would normally then direct the action and flow of treatment in full body Thai massage. Following this the entire body is then realigned using advanced but simple Thai Yoga postures and joint mobilizing techniques. The full sequence is aimed at understanding the clients body, realigning the skeletal system, relaxing the muscles and also the underlying mental tension which creates tension in the body.


This workshop is designed for body workers who are interested in fine tuning their skills and understanding. It can also be a good opportunity for you to experience Thai Yoga Massage and to see if the Intermediate or Advanced diploma courses held at the jasmine Trust Centre would benefit your development along the path of healing.


Next workshop:  July 6th, 2013, Jasmine Yoga Trust