Yoga Classes

The only place to look is the moment you are in
love is complete when the heart does not wander
true knowledge appears when thinking stops
all yoga leads to the here and now

My Yoga classes are upbeat and open but with a serious purpose. I use Yoga as a therapy and coming to a greater understanding of myself and also the relationships between my body and mind. So my particular interest is in teaching Chakra Yoga, because it contains the philosophical science of Yoga and a solid framework for my own practice and for my own teaching practice to enable students to develop quickly and efficiently.

As is states in Yoga scripture and as I have experience within myself, Chakra Yoga speeds up the natural the process of evolution, healing and personal development at a fundamental level…..The personality is enhanced and developed as the Chakras and the potentials of consciousness in them are gradually awakened through a systematic and cyclic practice. I explain more on this in the individual short essays on each of the chakras.

My Yoga classes will usually include a rich variety of asana, pranayama, meditation and sometimes yoga pair work relevant to the element or theme for that class. The structure is based on the foundations of Yoga and so if you are beginner its perfect because its the doing it thats important. Each class will gently deepen your understanding and bring about improvements at every level because we are working at the energetic basis of body and mind with awareness.

Fashions in Yoga will come and go as they do, but the foundations can never be changed because they are based on the principles of life energy and manifestation. If we want to find real and lasting happiness then we need to become truly present and rooted into the reality of who we are, in the same way that if we want to get a rocket to the moon we need to know the laws of gravity and the natural laws which govern existence.

I will not be teaching any Yoga until March 2017 because I have just moved country to Odessa in the Ukraine and Im about to father a baby boy at the end of February, so I need to settle and put my energy into my new family and home. However below is a short write up for my last course. It may seem deep but yoga is very deep but I make all my classes good fun and uplifting, whilst remembering that Yoga is a path to real freedom by getting to the essential core


Here is an outline and summary of my Chakra Yoga Course           

This year I am teaching a system of 3 terms or cycles of 6 classes, with the end of each cycle becoming the beginning of the next term cycle, with them becoming slightly more advanced and experimental with each turn of the wheel.

We begin by working with the cycle of life and polarity as seen in nature, such as day following night again and again, in the rotation of the seasons and even in our own body as every breath we take is followed by another, moving inwards and outwards in a constant cyclic flow expanding and contracting.

The essential law is that all things are moving from one state to its opposite and back again in a continuous unending cycle and that human beings are fully integrated into natures cycle along with everything else. All existence or manifestation is said to be born from the interaction of 2 opposing but complementary forces which create a whole system. (Yin/Yang, Shiva/Shakti, Heaven/Earth)

We also see this polarity between the sexes in male and female, in fact all distinction of forms such as visible and invisible, mind and body, high and low, positive and negative are all brought into distinction because of its opposite condition with both defining the other. The  nature of this relaity we find ourselves in is polarity.

So my first Yoga class deals with this polarity of introversion and extroversion and helps us to explore these boundaries and any limitations we have in expressing them so that we may become more whole, individuated, expansive, expressive and complete within our being; in being able to go inside and remain alone, and being able to express ourselves in untity with others

Yoga is truly an enlightened science and there are some amazing books from the Bihar School which I really admire, but even then it can appear so complicated and vast it can feel that we need to spend an entire life time studying its endless forms, books and practices to get anywhere. Actually we don’t, but we do need to grasp the foundations, in the priciple laws which condition our existence and the forces which condition its expression and then apply that to our asana and meditation practice.

In Yoga they openly say that our life is our creation and they do not pretend to understand the personal complexities of an individuals Karma, whether its good or bad, because this is just the conventional appearance of it and its a dangerous assumption for someone to make a judgement on things they cannot possibly know.

However if we do found ourselves in a difficult situation, unplanned for and uninvited, yoga will say its not our fault but we are born into this situation and only we can work our way out of it. So although nature throws no blame at us it also helps us to understand that we are responsible for making the change.

Many of us have become so comfortable in our material world that apathy has a strong hold, but things can change very quickly and if we are stripped bare of our attachments, our partner, our job, our home, our friends and family, then who is left after our ego self has been deconstructed. Unless we are planted in the fertile soil of our spiritual being we will be completely lost. Yoga is a path which leads us inwards in order to fully unite outwardly.

This course which explores the polarity of existence, the vital elements and functional instincts of the Chakra system provides an essential foundation from which any practice can be fully rooted comprehensively. Once you have this understanding no matter what style you do, like a flower being planted into soil, it can be given its true context as a spiritual path and enlightened science and very simply used to fully understand and develop yourself in a joyous, mindful and creative way.


The science of Yoga as seen in the cycle of life

Yoga is a natural science which understands that the laws which govern space and time, the orbital movements in the heavens and the seasonal cycles on Earth, are the very same laws and cycles of moving within our very being and also moving within everything else. All things are part of the same body, the same divine mind and the same self governing laws and interconnected whole. Yoga does not separate human kind from nature or these natural cycles but fully integrates human beings as part of it

In the Heavenly forces of lightness and dark, the yoga teachings show us that all things are moving within a cycle of change from one state to its opposite and then back again continuously. On Earth they observed the cyclic seasons of change moving through the forms of spring, summer, autumn and winter within themselves as birth, growth, decay and death and just as the cycle continues in the world of nature they inferred that same cycle would continue in themselves.  Every ending or death is seen as the necessary phase to a new beginning without end. So there is no real ending or beginning for the higher self just continual change from one state to its opposite and back again and again. Yoga isnt a belief system but like physics it is an enlightened science.

In Yoga philosophy only the eternity of something makes its existence possible in the first place. For every birth and every death or every cause and each effect is born out of each other. Every beginning must arise from something and every ending must be the cause of a new beginning. From our breathing cycle to the big bang, we can see the cosmos expanding and contracting within our being and in the very nature of the Galaxy itself within a never ending cyclic movement from one state to its opposite and back again. The whole universe and every atom within it is breathing outwards and inwards, expanding and contracting continuously.

There is no ending and no beginning just eternal continuity and the transitory nature of change brought about through causes and effects. Even our very life and every situation is bound by the consequences of our choices, thoughts and actions and it is only by taking responsibility of our energy, our time and actions can we ever find real happiness and self-acceptance without any kind of blame, because although there is always conditional factors within the circumstances of our life, as we look deeper into the situation we see the force of Karma (causal continuum) in that we have walked into it all the way by putting one step in front of the other to get there. It may be very hard to accept when our ego is unconscious as we would never have walked into certain situations deliberately, but this is precisely why we need to become conscious, as it is only by knowledge of these forces, eternal truths and by accepting them within our heart will we ever find the love and enlightenment that our every waking moment is crying out for if we really stop and listen


Translating this into our yoga practice

Yoga means unity and refers to the unity of these two primal forces from which all things are born, the body and mind, or heaven and earth as we could call it, or yin and yang, shiva and shakti, male and female, the visible and the invisible.

Yoga as a practice moves from the outside inward. Yoga as a state of mind works from the inside outward. The outer practice is the asana and pranayama and things we do in class and apply to our being, and the inner result is the awakening that changes our entire lifestyle. One leads into the other and both actually need each other, in the same way that the mind needs the body to exist in this material realm.

In Yoga we can practice all day long but unless our sesnse of individuality comes before the supreme divine intelligence of life then we will certainly get a fit strong body, but we will not achieve true happiness or the real liberation and depth of love from within ourselves. This connection has to be attained in the same way a flower needs to be rooted in the ground. We can certainly enjoy an intense workout with real joy but we also need to be rooted not just in our breathing with mindfulness, we also need to be divinely inspired. A breakthrough is needed.

Yoga means unity of the 2 primal forces of nature and this refers to an enlightened unity, in that the mind and body are brought together and awakened, and the individual ego is rooted in its eternal and divine nature. So although our practice is very important, it is actually vital that our practice becomes a spiritual path, or it can remain a physical and energetic workout obsessing about flexibility and physical strength. Physical improvement has its place for sure, but the really important thing is that we wake up to our spiritual reality and develop a relationship with the innate divine intelligence that governs the stars, life on earth and every molecule of our being. Then we will be able to bring our body and mind into harmony because we are aligning ourselves to the living reality of existence.

Yoga means enlightened unity, not just unity and if you practice yoga then at some point it will need to become your spiritual path if you are to achieve it. If you feel that you need help to establish this connection I would gladly like to share this gift with you. I love what I do because it works at the primary level of being and the results are an ever increasing freedom, strength and compassionate nature. With a regular practice we are more able to deal with stress and more able to maintain loving relationships with others as the psychic blocks (granthis) are released at every level (koshas).

These psychic blocks are the inherited fears we carry and resistances to change. They are our prejudices, our need to be in control, our unwillingness to forgive, our fear of change, our attachment and sense of ownership over people. They are in the pain in our body, of our past, regrets, losses and sense of shame and very often they remain hidden from our view – yet they call the shots, pervert our vision of reality and hold us back.

These blocks come from one situation – the ego not rooted in its own divine nature. This is the root cause of all human suffering and Yoga developed as a path to re-unite the Ego in God….and this is the flame of an inspired practice.


Private tuition

I take private tuition at my home or in your own home. For all my contact details, click here.

Also you will find a more detailed explanation explanation of each Chakra and the Subtle energy body on this website