Chakra 4 – Anahata (Heart chakra)


Anahata chakra (heart chakra) has its physical connection to the spine behind the sternum at the level of the heart. It is related to the Air element and like the air it has the nature of freedom and the need for freedom. Its natural radiance is love, joy and compassion. Being in the middle of the chakra system it is called the mediator and harmonizer between the higher and lower elements of being. Between the body and mind, between the Ego and Soul

Anahata chakra is a natural mediator that seeks balance and harmony both inwardly and outwardly. It seeks balance within our body and mind, balance between ourselves and others, and balance between the relationship with our ego and emerging relationship with the Divine. So finding balance in our lives is always presented to the energetic nature of this chakra, especially emotional needs and the balance between giving and receiving.

The kundalini awakenings in this Chakra are less traumatic than the lower 3 because at this point we have a stronger foundation and nervous sytem to handle the surge of power. We have a much greater awareness of what we are doing and what we are about. We are in no more doubt that we are a spiritual being and we have already had personal experience of the divine, but now is the cross roads where to make that crossing successfully we need a huge ammount of energy to yoke our ego to the divine or our higher self.

The rite of passage is this – who comes first, your ego and its wants, dreams and desires or God. You will be tested and you will have to let go repeatedly….You may get what you want every time, but you will have to let it go first completely and hand it over. There is no compromise and its no belief system or good idea, but the living reality of stepping forward from the lower to the higher. How your initiation will take place and there will be more than one is down to you and your soul, but you cannot make this crossing without complete surrender to the divine. You are not perfect and you still have egotistical tendencies but they are weaker now and your strength is now stabilzed in its living relationship to the divine.

Having mastered your inner fire ‘somewhat’ in manipura chakra you will be less forceful outwardly, and may appear totally normal and fairly unassuming to others, but you have an ability now to teach by manifesting inner truth. The Fire element wants to do what it normally does and that is change people, places and situations and this is its power; it can !!…..but the more you master your inner fire the less you have to do anything outwardly to bring about change, because you merely have to see the inner truth of something or in somebody and your inner Fire will give it light and the inner truth will be revealed, and sometimes the lesson will be given to the people involved and you dont have to lift a finger or say a word…..I have not mastered my inner fire but I am in relationship with it and have some control, enough to understand and share with you these findings.

Anahata is related to Air…you are now more free, not detached, just free and fluid, more able to let everything go much more quickly and rest in your natural loving radiance. Anahata chakra controls the emotional nature of our mind and our connection to others through love and affection. The heart chakra mind has the natural ability to truly understand what is going on within another persons heart and you now have the natural tendency and willingness to put your time and energy into the service of anothers need without expecting anything in return. In general you now bring peace and harmony wherever you go because that is what you emanate.

In life and work everyone is seen as a part of their extended family which is reflected in their balanced attitude towards money and personal needs. I think they even tend to give more than they take, because they are rooted in God and are never depleted of resources. Whatever they need is spontaneoulsy given to them, which allows them to live without fear and in the moment.

The heart chakra is a very popular focal point in many yoga classes. We all want to feel love, to share love with others and to enjoy all the happiness, experiences and magic moments that come with it. Yoga knows that we are beings of energy and that our body, heart and mind are are all aspects of the same vital life force. So when our heart and mind engage with understanding when opening up the body in asana practice, then the heart and mind are also opened up and liberated accordingly. The inner vibration and virtue of the teacher can also hold space for awakenings to occur in others, but the teacher must hold space and not fill it or students remain dismepowered and dependent on the teacher. The teacher must step down and serve from within, unobtrusively, to allow the creative power of individuality to emerge in the student.

As the Kundalini awakens in the heart chakra and it begins to open and manifest, awareness breaks free from the attitudes and empirical dimensions of the first three chakra elements, earth, water and fire and opens out into the more refined blissful experiences provided by Air. We now have a much higher intuitive capacity that understands the impermanence of all things and we can remain firmly connected to people but also remain free and allow them to feel free. We experience a more beautiful release and sense of freedom in being able to let go but totally enjoy.

At this level you are your own guru. Quite naturally we are now free in nature and very loving, enjoying life as natural leaders and teachers of universal truth. All is given freely because we dont give to receive ay more. The open heart wants nothing from another person which is not given freely from the heart. We start to notice more and more that we are being used as a channel and are more humble and able to turn the other cheek because we understand the folly of man is not on purpose but through being disconnected. We no longer take things personally.

The sense associated to the heart chakra is touch, the sense organ is the skin and the organ of action is the hands which communicate the loving healing power of anahata through massage and touch. People who have awakened anahata make great healers, due to the high vibrational field of loving energy and deep inner peace they omit, not to mention their natural tolerance of human weakness and their developed mind of concentration and spiritual insight.

In the physical body Anahata chakra basically governs the function of the arms, shoulders and ribcage area. It governs the function of the thymus gland just above the heart, which is vital for growth and maintaining a healthy immune system. It also governs the the heart and lungs which makes Anahata directly responsible for circulation, respiration, blood pressure and our immunity to illness. The heart chakra governs all communication systems in the body and is thought to have a strong influence upon the central nervous system, which generates our sense of touch and feeling through the skin and literally in the ability to open ourselves up and be touched by the world emotionally. I think many physical problems in these areas are due to a blocked heart chakra and the inability to let love in or outwards to others.

When there is a problem with the heart chakra for whatever reason, it will affect its primary functions and psychologically this can bring about the condition of feeling unloved, disconnected and unappreciated from the people around us. On an unspoken level we can avoid emotional closeness with others and become critical as a defence mechanism to protect painful vulnerabilities. Its easier to be alone because intimacy means facing yourself and becoming vulnerable for a moment and being honest enough to show it. But is it really easier to be alone when intimacy is the path to everything our heart is looking for.

When working with the wounded child, the wounded aspect of our emotional nature, either to heal a broken heart, learning to forgive or love again, anahata will primarily work on and heal the issues preventing the natural radiance of our love. It takes just one sincere call out to the univerese and you will get a reply and an opportunity….Look back and you will see it happens every time

The Sanskrit term Anahata means ‘unstruck’, which holds much meaning and opens out to different levels of interpretation. The main one from Bihar school, emphasises that all sound in the universe is produced by two opposing forces or objects striking together to produce vibrational sound waves that are carried through the medium of Air, the element related to anahata. But the sound produced from the heart chakra is the primordial ever present sound of the universe (Ohm, audible in deep meditation), which is free from two opposing forces and causation. In the same way that love, the purest emotion related to and emanating from the heart is also free from causation, it just is, all pervading as air, unconditional and essential. It communicates directly to the heart of another and needs no proof and no cause.

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